How to Stop Faking Your Influence with GirlTalk Network’s Sarah Pendrick

In last week’s episode, I showed you exactly how to gain free publicity for your business, garner brand deals as an influencer, write an effective pitch, and how to stand out among the saturation by using a unique pitching formula that is in my program Pitch It Perfect. Check out last week’s episode for the insider scoop. This week’s episode takes you behind the scenes of GirlTalk Network with its founder Sarah Pendrick. Sarah shares how she overcame the comparison game, quit faking it on social media and stopped playing small so she could uniquely reveal her brilliance and influence.

Really excited to connect with Sarah Pendrick today. Sarah is the Founder and Creator of the nonprofit movement GirlTalk, GirlTalk is for women in every stage of life and is A place to feel empowered, supported and authentic. There are two sections of GirlTalk - out movement, which is the event and self-development section and their nonprofit section. 

Sarah is a self-love advocate, life coach, writer, Empowerment Speaker, and Philanthropist. She travels all over the United States to speak to the women of our next generation and provide them with support, education, and empowerment. Through GirlTalk, Sarah not only features and connects influential women with a purpose but she celebrates them through her events and programs by giving them a platform and space to thrive and use their voice.





What is GirlTalk Network and how it came about 2:22

Bullying and how to overcome it 5:15

Dealing with competition and social media 8:00

How do brands work with GirlTalk12:45

Building relationships with brands 14:30

The ideal GirlTalk member 15:30

GirlTalk events; what they are and where you can attend 17:00

Biggest challenge with spreading GirlTalk’s brand 21:26

What works social media when you are trying to build a community 27:00

Using new platforms do your benefit 31:30

Following the trend and playing safe on Instagram 41:40

How to handle negativity 45:50

Her favorite influencer on social media that we should be following 48:00 (hint: it’s @loriharder!)


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